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This is where your company has signed you up for PowerPoint training.
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OfficeInstructor.com tries to make it easy for you to learn computer programs; We are a friendly training company.  I will be your instructor. My name is Keith. I've taught hundreds of people, from beginners to mid-level users, how to use Microsoft Office computer programs. Welcome to your online course!
You have already received your orientation instructions. Each one of you has passed a computer competency test and knows why you are here and what is expected. You have the skills to do everything in this course. So let's begin.

Getting Help. The instructions are very clear and have been used by hundreds of students without any need for additional help. However if you need help logging in, please contact your employer's Help Desk . If you need help with the lessons email me at: kfeiring@yahoo.com

You should plan to log in each day for one hour and go through the lessons until completion. Any interruption to your participation will require you to start the course over.

You must work in a quiet area with no distractions in order to achieve your best results.

The last part of the course is an assessment of your ability to do exactly what you have studied: create a PowerPoint presentation. These results are reported to your employer. You will have no problem with the assessment if you participate in the lessons as stated in your instructions.

Each day you will  need to log in an participate each day for one week. Just follow each step as listed below. Have a good time learning PowerPoint.

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Course #1        PowerPoint - Outline View            Complete set of lessons
Log In here every day.

Log in  here

Once you have logged in, go to the day you are at.

Day One:

(Download file and open - do not save to desktop. Left click on presentation to  proceed.)

2. Learn - open link and print out for reference .

Turn on Microsoft PowerPoint Program | Refer to step-by step instruction on the page you just printed

3. Practice

4. Last - Try to make a simple PowerPoint presentation using Outline View. Don't be concerned about being successful. The point is to try it and get a feeling for what you need to know.


Day Two

(Note: contains a Vewlet Presentation with: voice and a  step-by-step demonstration.


3. Practice

4. Handwritten assignment

Day Three




Day Four


2.Practice Assessment


Day Five

1. Assessment.


Please contact your employer for results of your assessment. I hope you have enjoyed and learn from your OfficeInstructor.com training.

Congratulations on completing this course!


Email your comments to: kfeiring@yahoo.com
Note To:  CSUH Instructor and Student

Information and possible issues I may add to page or deal with as I develop the course.

Submit your work via email Student questions in a message board
Student questions sent directly to instructor Help Chat
Ability for students to send demonstration lessons directly to instructor Level of student/instructor interaction
Features and services I will offer based on additional charges. Hand write instructions on how to prepare the PowerPoint presentation and mailing requirements to. Must be postmarked by.